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Delivery of general cargo

From Europe

Effective shipment transportation from Europe to Russia requires big knowledge in laws of many countries, consolidation warehouses and difficult calculation. All this we have.

We have great expierence in goods delivery from Europe to Russia. We manage our own and chartered trucks and railway transport as well. We offer you delivery all kinds of shipments from small box to several palletes on a number of trucks.

Our main advantage is regular weekly services from Holland, Germany, Italy and Lithuania to Russia.

Our expierence and professionalism in international cargo allows us to transport all kinds of goods using specialized vehicles without any restrictions on a weight or dimensions. We also can offer you to carry you shipments which require special temperature conditions.

Please note that for the export of goods from EU to Russia and CIS countries export declaration must be filled. If the consignor has not prepared such a declaration, before sending the goods from our warehouse in Europe to Russia, together with you we will be obliged to fill it by yourselfes. To obtain an export declaration the EORI (Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification) number is required. Instructions for obtaining the EORI number, you can read here (in English and Czech).

From China

Sea cargo container transportations from China is what we do for already 10 years. We offer goods delivery from China Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong to Europe, Russia and CIS. And we have a great expierence in it. Our partnership with China and Hong Kong companies and our own office in Hong Kong as well allows us offer to our clients full cycle service of shipment transportation from the warehouse of China company and from loading platforms in chinese seaports till your warehouse in Europe or Russia. We offer all kinds of sevices concerning delivery from China to Europe and Russia, including preparing documents, customs clearance, delivery within Europe and Russia.

We offer the following services, concerning delivery from China.

We use our parntner`s warehouse in Shanghai for consolidation and providing all other operational services.

We are fully responsible on the safety of your shipments during all the transportation. Special insurance rates we have from leading world insurance companies allows us 100% guarantee execution of all commitments to the customers, but without paying expensive insurance fees.

Our managers are always at your service and can consult you with delivery time and cost.