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Warehousing services

Warehouse logistics is an essential element in any scheme of the transport of goods / cargoes. We offer quality services to warehousing and individual approach taking into account the physical characteristics of goods. Warehouse space allows us to ensure the safety of a large number of different goods in accordance with the requirements imposed by the conditions of storage of goods.

We offer special warehousing services of the highest quality. All our stores are conveniently located and equipped with modern control systems.

The Netherlands

Our warehouse in Lisse (The Netherlands) is always at your service.



Our warehouse in Moscow Region located at 142791, Moscow, Leninskiy district, Sosneskoye near Letovo village. From 9:00 till 18:30.


* Includes loading and unloading.

Extra charge for out of office hours operations (excl. keeping) — 50%

Extra charge for operations on weekend and public holidays (excl. keeping) — 100%

All prices exclude VAT.